RGB Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) Family

RGB Networks' Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) family offers a variety of options to meet your digital video processing requirements. These compact, high-density products deliver the industry's most complete video processing solution for grooming, statistical multiplexing, transrating, digital program insertion (DPI), emergency alert and operator messaging services, as well as digital graphic overlays. Based on RGB's flexible, scalable and modular platform, the BNP simplifies and expedites deployments of advanced video services, simplifies operation and management, and reduces operational and capital costs.

Simplified Grooming, Transrating, DPI and Digital Overlays

Based on RGB's Video Intelligence Architecture™ (VIA), the BNP dramatically lowers the cost of delivering advanced services in digital video environments.

The first high-density product capable of supporting grooming, statistical multiplexing, transrating, splicing, and overlays, delivering simplicity and cost-efficiency.

Transrates video programs with impressively high video quality.

Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans offer high availability (BNP3xr).

Support of multiple ad zones from a single device simplifies operation and management.

Powerful digital overlay technology allows dynamic incorporation of graphics and text on any program, providing an elegant solution for critical enhancedmessaging applications, such as Emergency Alert Services (EAS).

Standards-based control of program substitution enables customized regional program line-ups using external scheduler management.

Offers Enhanced TV (ETV) application processing for EBIF and EISS with bound, pre-bound, and late-binding support.

DVB conditional access scrambling support allows for deployment worldwide (BNP3xr).

Simplified product architecture improves manageability.

Flexible and scalable platform dramatically reduces product obsolescence, as well as operational and capital costs.

Digital Program Insertion in a Centralized Architecture: Centrally serve multiple ad zones from one device

Digital Program Insertion in a Distributed Architecture: Distributed ad insertion with multiple ad zones