RGB Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG)


RGB’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG™) product line is the industry’s most scalable solution for the delivery of advanced video services. The only integrated, carrier-class platform of its kind, the VMG covers a range of critical applications, including Multiscreen Advertising and HD-to-SD downconversion. The VMG’s advanced transcoding capabilities include MPEG-4/H.264 <-> MPEG-2, as well as bitrate and resolution changes for delivery of premium video to any IP-enabled device. Designed for flexibility, cost-efficiency and reliability, the VMG's modular blade architecture represents a future-proof investment that scales well in the rapidly-evolving video marketplace.

Working in conjunction with RGB’s TransAct Packager, the VMG delivers a complete TV Everywhere solution.

The VMG Gen2 is RGB’s second generation model of its award-winning VMG product line. It builds on the unique, field-proven capabilities of the first-generation VMG platform. The VMG Gen2 is the heart of RGB’s ‘Multiscreen 2.0’ live streaming solution, which allows video service providers (VSPs) to expand and streamline their TV Everywhere services. The VMG Gen2 doubles the density of Gen1, setting new levels for stream processing density and capacity with the ability to transcode over a thousand output video streams in a single chassis. VMG Gen2 also improves video quality with sophisticated baseband video processing, increases connectivity with 8 10 GigE ports and adds even more redundancy options such as SSM inputs and Hot-Hot outputs to provide the most robust system solution available today.

The Industry's Most Advanced Video Processing Platform

Integrated, multi-application platform offers operational simplicity– various functions, typically handled by different devices in a legacy headend, are now performed by one or multiple blades in an integrated chassis.

High-capacity, multi-in/multi-out stream processing allows a complete channel lineup to be processed by a single, high availability device with many output 'profiles' optimized for a variety of receiving consumer devices.

High-availability, carrier-class platform with multi-level redundancy features: chassis component redundancy, 1:1 controller module redundancy, N:M application module redundancy, and service/program-level redundancy.

Multi-processor architecture offers future-proofing for new applications, while achieving the greatest density/cost benefits for proven functions.

Concurrent support for multiple screen resolutions and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 compression allows seamless transition from legacy networks to MPEG-4/H.264, or conditioning of live content for next-generation distribution networks.

'Pay-as-you-grow,' modular model allows for initial service deployment at only the level required for current implementation.

Ultra-dense platform conserves rack space and reduces power requirements.


RGB's Integrated Video Processing Platform for Multiscreen Video Delivery and Monetization

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